Frequently Asked Questions – Portraits

Whether you’re after an individual, couple or family portrait, I’d love to work with you! I’m sure you have lots of questions about how I work and what you can expect, so take a look below at some queries I get often.

What are your portrait sessions like?
Fun! I like to enjoy myself and make sure that you enjoy yourself too, so we’ll start off by having some contact before the shoot. This way we can have a chat about what you’re looking for, how the session will go and how I like to work. At the shoot we’ll then start off with some more traditional photos, so that you’ve got something to give your grandma! We might experiment with movement a bit more as we go along, and I’ll chat to you through the whole thing. Some of the best photos come when people are relaxed and perhaps not expecting a photo to be taken, so I keep taking them as we talk.

Do I come to a studio or do we go on location?
I don’t shoot in a studio, as I like to incorporate the beauty that’s all around us. We’ll discuss locations and find a great place to photograph you. Being in an environment that has some meaning to you makes you much more comfortable and turns the portraits into a real memory. I’m happy to suggest a few lovely locations, but I love to photograph people in places that are important to them so don’t be shy about suggesting somewhere.

What should I wear for my portrait?
This is such a common question and there are so many possible answers! If you’re having a couple or group portrait, coordinating your outfits can be really effective (although matching outfits are probably better left in the 90s!) What I mean by coordinating is wearing colours that complement each other, not wearing prints that clash with each other and not wearing outfits that are wildly different in tone – it can look a bit strange if one of you is wearing a ballgown and the other wears shorts and a t-shirt!
Layers look really cool, but big logos across t-shirts don’t come across very well on camera. You could choose to wear an outfit that suits the location of the shoot, or bring multiple outfits to try out what looks best.
The most important thing of all is to stay true to yourself and wear whatever makes you feel good and comfortable – if you feel good, you’ll usually look good too! The more comfortable you are in front of the camera, the better the photos will be.

What form do my photos come in?
Your images can be supplied as prints, or as digital files on USB.  We have great packages available as well as gift with purchase.

Do I need to bring anything else with me? How do I get ideas of what would look good?
Let me know if you want to bring any props or things to theme your photos so that I have an idea of how to best incorporate them. Often the best photos are spontaneous and unplanned, so you don’t need to bring anything if you’re unsure. You can look at my pinterest boards if you’d like some inspiration, or the best idea is to talk to me so we can come up with ideas together that will work.

When is the ideal time to shoot?
The best light for shooting photos is early morning or late afternoon – the light is so beautiful at those times of the day. Midday sun can be quite harsh and cast unflattering shadows.